Robyn Karp and Sara Karp Golden



Robyn Karp Design was founded on the belief that every space is an opportunity for expression, a successful design must reflect the personalities of those who inhabit the space and the designer’s aesthetic principals must be both simultaneously present and invisible.

In the 20 years since she founded the company, Robyn has used this guiding philosophy to successfully lead a myriad of residential and commercial projects around the world.  From initial concepts to guide construction and renovation all the way to artwork and accents for every corner of the home, Robyn has developed an unmatched reputation for impeccable taste, attention to detail, an unparalleled work ethic and is widely respected in the design industry. 

Based in Manhattan, Robyn and her partner, her daughter Sara, have become a celebrated team for bringing complementary but unique styles and sensibilities to projects as diverse as hotels in Paris, law firms in Seoul, beachfront mansions in the Hamptons and (most dear to their hearts) designing bold and playful rooms for kids of all ages.